Testimonials from across the country

DecksGo was the first company to introduce the Titan Post Anchor in 2008 from basement start up.  The positive feedback came in right away.

It's hard to believe the hundreds and hundreds of stories we continue to receive from people all over North America who have had a positive experience with the Titan Post Anchor.  Here is just a sampling...

and the people say...

"I finally got my deck finished and it looks fantastic! Your Titan Post Anchors with the Deckorator black ballusters and 2x4' connectors bring it all together. I am very happy I found your product, it made making my railings so much easier.

PS. I see you did make contact with Blifert Lumber in Milwaukee. They said they had ordered 50 and were getting ready to order more. A customer told them how much they liked the product too."

Gary Curran, Muskego, WI

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"The Titan has it all. It's got the strength that is what you're looking for but the look is outstanding and combined with the other features I put on this railing system it was the right choice. And I'm happy about that."

Bob Evans - Big Rideau Lake, Ontario

"Great product, I don't know how I would have done what I wanted to do on the deck any better. It works great, very sturdy. Thanks!"

Tullos T. - North Little Rock, Arkansas

"They work great and have made our railing sturdy and safe. Instructions were very handy."

Martin T. - Essex Junction, Vermont

"My deck is really nice... Thanks to your post anchors!!"

Sebastian L. - Cantley, Quebec

"Your Titan Post Anchors are all you claimed them to be. My son-in-law is a builder and he was very impressed and will soon be a user."

Nick B. - Schenectady, NY

"Thanks again Richard for FedExing the other shipment of the Titan Anchors. They are installed, sturdy and look great. I am really happy with them here is a picture of the deck."

Kyle D. - Richardson, Texas

"This is the best system I've seen"

Dave Heinz - North Carolina

"I think these things are going to revolutionize the deck building industry. Once you get these in the stores its going to take off."

Carmen Fico - Carmel, New York

"I think it’s an ingenious idea. It’s really simple. Why didn't someone think of this before? I don't like those big external anchors or cutting and notching the post. It weakens the post."

Marshall Lewis - Lebanon, Ohio

“This looks like a great product. I have been pounding nails 30 years and it’s about time someone came up with this.”

Mike Webber, CT

“Here is a picture of the porch using the Titan post anchors to attach posts to some very large pieces of stone. The post anchor is a great idea. More solid than I would have imagined.”

Alan Johnston, Toronto, ON

“Really nice product. Installation was very easy. Your instructions were very explicit. It gives you a really nice finish. Don’t have to cut deck boards around posts. Works much better. You can put the posts where you want them.”

Christopher Wilson, Laingsburg, MI

“I received the anchors today and put up a couple of post's they work great. Thanks for such a good product.”

Rick Jackson, Sutherland, NE

“Thank you so much for coming up with this. It’s great. I knew somebody would come up with some kind of solution and you did it.”

Fred Bruder, NY

“Thanks for having the creativity to make this thing. I always look for new products and new ideas. I have three or four good friends who are builders and I will stoke up some business for you.”

Tom Munsell, South Windsor, CT

"... I started doing more research and came across the Titan Post Anchors. I have installed 12 of them and they worked AMAZING (way better then I thought they would) the railing is incredibly strong!"

Ryan Brazeal, Lumsden, Sask

"Thank you Richard. They have already arrived! I shall use them this Saturday if it does not rain too much. Thank you for great product and excellent service."

Robert Montwill, Toronto, Ont

"I just want to let you know that I got the 6x6 anchors. They installed just as you described and look great. The posts are a large improvement over the previous anchoring system and look better too. Thanks."

Ken Nadolny, Vermont

"Thanks very much. Your product is brilliant."

Jerry Miller, Sebastopol, CA

"They're gorgeous. I like the way they go together."

Glen Lockhart, Oak Harbour, WA

"I received the package with Titan Post Anchor samples. Thank you very much. I have them set up at our shop. These pictures are of three gazebos where we have used the Titan Post Anchors.

"They add amazing strength to the gazebo. The 14' gazebo with 6x6 posts has no bottom rails is incredibly strong with them. I am still so glad we discovered them."

Jay Leis, Brunner, Ontario

"You, your videos and your site were very informative. This is the solution I have been looking for. No question in my mind. Keep innovating!"

Adrian M. - Burlington, Ontario

"I just thought you might like to see your product in action. I am so happy I found your Titan Post Anchors on the internet. I love the way they look, and were very easy to install. And I can't believe how sturdy they are. They made my deck remodel project a whole lot easier.
Railing post with internal low voltage lighting

"As you notice I installed low wattage lighting on the posts. I just drilled a 3/8" hole from the bottom of the post 12" deep in the center of Titan Post Anchor. The light is mounted about 16" off the deck. I then drilled a 3/8" hole at about a 45 degree angle to meet the hole in the center coming up from the bottom.
Railing with built in lighting

"Next I ran the wiring through my drill holes out the bottom of the post, marked the post locations on the deck, drilled a 3/8" hole through the deck on the center point of the post location. Run the wire through that hole, and mount the posts as normal. All connections are done on the under side of the deck out of sight.

"Thank you very much for putting out such a great product."

Kurt R. - Cleveland, Ohio

"I bought 14 anchors a few months ago. I just got around to installing my new railing. The Titan anchors made our deck beautiful. Thank you very much."

James K. - Miamisburg, Ohio

"I installed the Titan Post Anchor on my Trex post, and it worked perfectly! It's very strong and secure, and I feel confident using it for the rest of my deck. So I just placed an order for 8 more!

"The best part for me, is that due to the low profile of the Titan, the Trex post skirts fit neatly over it. It's only about 1/8" from being completely flush with the deck. So when someone asks you if these work with Trex, the answer is yes."

Mike R - Austin, Texas

"I am so enthusiastic about this product. I think it looks great and will work very well. It’s simple and easy to install and a way better solution than we do it now. I am so glad someone is thinking about the problem."

Nidal Hakeem - (Contractor/Builder) - Springfield, VA

"This is a really neat product. I did a little research. There is no other product out there like this. There are a million applications for this and I found you. I called Simpson Strong-Tie and they don't have anything like this at all. The Simpson Strong-Tie guy said they really need to get something like this."

Morry Boney - Loveland, CO

"I have been looking and looking and looking and this is it. They are a good, good idea. You were No. 1 on Google - I can't remember what terms I used."

Thomas Steely - Greensburg, Pennsylvania

“I received the shipment today just as you promised. Thank you for your excellent customer service. The black screws are very much appreciated. I am impressed with the quality of your product. I had looked at several options and none came close in terms of quality. I will recommend them to anyone needing to install posts in the future.”

Ken Curtis, Decatur, GA

“It’s a really great design.”

Allan Hart, Mansfield, PA

“I just love these. They’re great. They’re wonderful. They just make it so easy to install deck railings.”

David Szakacs, Warren, OH

“I told my local store to stock your product. I gave them your website and number.”

Dan Noecker, OH

"Project is done! Nice product! The anchors compliment our balusters really well. Thanks."

Patrick Kerr, St Louis, MO

"Here are some photos from our Wytheville, VA job. Thanks for all your help."

N. Crvich, Rural Retreat, VA

"Your product worked excellent on the application I used it on which were concrete steps. There isn't anything that comes close to your product. It's an excellent product. No question about it. Great thinking. Thanks again."

Ed O'Toole, O'Toole Home Improvement, Claremont, New Hampshire

"My wife & I were glad that we discovered your product. When I bought the anchors they were actually intended for 4x4' PT... But I changed my mind and took the risk. As you see I installed the post anchor directly on the round post and they worked well... I find that they would not even budge or move with only 2 screws... Excellent product!"

Gil Sopoco, St. Thomas, Ontario

"I am very pleased to let you know the Titan Anchors were absolutely one of the best devices I have ever used. They were easy to install and my friend was extremely please as to the clean and professional look her new privacy fence has. I have to admit I was a little concerned as to how sturdy the posts would be but after the first one was installed I could see my concerns were not warranted.

Thanks again for a great product and quick delivery."

Wayne Burnet, Ontario

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