Titan Anchor Colors and Ipe

by KC
(Seattle, WA)

I have two questions for you re: the titan anchor.

I love the product, but was wondering if it was available in any other color than black. We're planning on a brown/copperish color for our balusters, and would like the post anchors to match.

Second, I'm doing an ipe deck and the recommendation is to NOT use galvanized fasteners due do chemical reactions with the wood. Stainless is preferred. Will stainless fasteners work with the titan anchor? Do you supply them?

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May 21, 2009
Anchor Color and Fasteners
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

The Titan anchor is hot dip galvanized and then black powder coated. But there are four different colors of two piece snap fit metal post skirts and one in stainless steel. The colored skirts are all galvanized first.

They come in black, white, gray and brownstone. The gray and brownstone are color matched to the AZEK gray and brownstone composite decking material.

We do not yet carry stainless fasteners but will be in the future. There is no problem with using stainless fasteners but you will have to source them locally.

And one last word on using Ipe because it is so hard. Forget trying to hammer or screw anything into it. You have to predrill precisely or you will snap the heads off most fasteners.

And for the tube of the Titan you can't hammer it in much more than say 1/4" at best so you will have to bore the hole out using a forstner bit (1.25" Dia for the 4x4 anchor) which requires some patience and careful attention. So the wood is not funneled into the tube like it is with regular wood post installations. But Ipe is so strong you still end up with a very rigid connection.

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