Titan Deck Foot for lean too Roof?

by Kevin
(Linden, Pa)

Could the Titan Deck Foot anchors be used instead of concrete footings for post to hold up a light metal lean to roof attached to the side of a garage?

The garage is built on a floating slab already. The roof would be 12'x32'.

Do these resist enough uplift to be used this way? It would be great not to dig footers.

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For those of you are are new to this product you might like to read this introductory article that explains the deck foot anchor and see if it is right for you.

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Jun 16, 2013
Check with local authorities
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

The deck foot anchor is designed to float on the surface of the soil but yet be anchored very securely. This means if the soil expands a quarter inch of half inch during a cold winter the anchor plate being on the surface of the soil will rise with it and then settle back again when the ice thaws.

So you don't want to connect two structures together that do not have the same kind of foundation.

For example a home that will not move with frost but a deck that will. What happens if you do that is you get some leverage forces acting at the connection point - the ledger usually - which can put stress on that joint over time.

But the deck foot will not pop out of the ground over time like a fence post. It remains firmly embedded in the soil. If both the garage and the footings are free standing and subject to identical soil movement then it should be fine. But you should speak with local authorities to make sure.

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