The Titan Goes to Hawaii

Happy Homeowner in Maui

These days the Titan Post Anchor is earning some pretty good air miles and seeing a lot more of the world than I ever have.

Well, on this particular vacation to beautiful Kula, Maui in Hawaii, for little windsurfing, I was lucky enough to meet up with one of my customers who used the Titan Post Anchor for all the deck railing around his mountainside home.

I sure would love to tag along on some of the trips to places like Australia, England and the Caribbean.

Exotic Hardwood Railing Posts

Brad was kind enough to show me his new place still under construction and take lots of pictures of how he used the product.

Keep in mind this part of the island is 2000' above sea level and can get some moisture from time to time and a lot of builders use the more exotic hardwoods which call for a few different installation techniques give the density.

Brad actually hollowed out a 1.25” bore in each post rather than just a hole saw pilot cut and driving the tube into the wood. You just can’t drive the tube into this wood very far. Maybe a ¼” if you’re lucky.

And Brad used a rubber gasket between the bottom of the post and the top surface of the anchor to create an even drier given his unique climate issues.

Huge Covered Deck

As you can see the deck or balcony goes around almost the entire home.

The roof line is a low slope but extends all the way over the deck to keep it dry from the rains that often come on this part of Mount. Haleakala - an extinct - for now anyways - 10,000' valcano.

There is a lot of railing to be installed on this home and it was only just starting when I arrived.

More Railings

It just keeps going.

On the south side there is a lower deck continuing from the west side.

Then there is an upper deck facing south off of the master bedroom.

view of the east side

This was the only side of the home without a balcony.

This side faces up towards the top of Haleakala.  It is quite a sight.

So thanks to Brad from Maui for having confidence in the Titan Post Anchor as well as my other customers on Oahu.

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