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Jan 14, 2009
Concrete or Wood Surface for Titan
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Installing the Titan anchor on concrete is the same concept as wood except you must use concrete fasteners and the concrete must be cured and at least 2.5"-3" thick.

An excellent fastener is the Caliburn Pan Head concrete screw by GRK Fasteners with over 2100 lbs of pullout strength.

The strength of the post to anchor connection will be strong enough to use in your application if the concrete is cured, you use proper concrete screws, you use a minimum of 3.5" lags under the post and you keep you post spacings equal to or less than 6 feet apart.

Also if you have a continuous 2x4 cap rail that goes also over each post and the railing ties back to the superstructure it gets even stronger.

Our independent tests on the strength characteristics of a single unsupported post (posts are all connected in a railing system) show that a 42" post required 213 lbs of lateral force to push it over about 12" and that this translates to about 246 lbs for a 36" post.

As a railing system goes together the railing itself becomes even stronger. So installed properly you should have a strong wood railing.

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