The Titan Post anchor 6x6 is doing some heavy lifting

Titan's latest post anchor takes the internal anchoring concept to its next logical level.

If you thought the 4x4 anchor worked well, you are going to be more impressed with the 6x6 anchor.

The Titan 6x6 anchor has been used all over North America and on some pretty high profile jobs that were specified by engineers and architects.

what an Introduction

Back in 2009, the Titan Post Anchor 6x6 was used by the National Capital Commission in Ottawa, Canada for a restoration project of the historic residence of former Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King in Gatineau Park.

the White House or camp david Next?

That was the Titan Wood Post Anchor's first job ever. Not a bad start. 

Maybe the President might call next.  Wouldn't that be something!

Since then its been used on thousands of decks, pergolas, even fences on concrete and more - all over the great United States and now Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Pergola 6x6 Posts

More than just a good looking solution for railing posts, DIYers and Builders are finding it to be a perfect solution for pergola posts.

Whether on composite or wood surfaces or concrete or stone columns, the 6x6 anchor has a clean low profile look and the stiffness and performance you need.

Here is a case study from Macek Custom Builders in Ohio.

Supporting A Granite Address Sign

Builders are creative folks and this job required a way of securing these 6x6 posts to granite and hold up a 500 lbs granite address sign at a ski chalet.

Here is a case study of this job that is interesting to read.

engineering results

In 2012 Titan completed major testing for compliance with residential guardrail applications in the United States and Canada.

To summarize the results for guardrail applications here are some quick stats for you:

United States Residential Use

36" High, Max 8' post spacing - perpetual run

Canada Residential Use

42" High, Max 6' post spacing - perpetual run

42" High, Max 7' post spacing - 21' Corner to Free End, 42' Corner to Corner

And here are some very impressive compression and tension (uplift) results:

First sign of base deformation: 23,000 to 34,000 lbf

Tube bottom contacting concrete: 27,000 to 50,000 lbf

Post Destruction: 61,513 to 118,765 lbf

Vertical Tension: 6,600 to 7,100 lbf

To obtain a copy of Titan's engineering reports, contact them here or  give them a call today toll free at 866-577-8868 and they will help you out.

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