Titan Post Anchor for Supporting a Roof Top Deck?

by Knox
(Ottawa, ON)

Can titan post anchor bases offer sufficient uplift support so that they can be used to support a deck roof?

I am thinking of a relatively flat 12'x12' roof over a 10'x10' deck, open on 3 sides and supported with one face against the house and 2 posts 2' from the outer corners.

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Jun 29, 2011
A couple of things
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

The Titan post anchor are solid 1/8" thick steel and makes contact with the concrete or wood surface along the sidewalls. The tube welded into the circular fitting in the center extends downward and almost touches the bottom surface as well, there is about 1/8" clearance.

To compress this to the surface requires very high loads and even if you were able to compress it the 1/8" it would then have five contact points and not compress any further. It would then be a question of how strong the wood or concrete surface below it is for any further compresssion to occur.

The uplift or vertical pullout resistance would have to be immense. We have not done any engineering tests on direct vertical pull out, only lateral load at the top unsupported free end. It is hard to imagine the amount of force need to pull it off vertically because you have 4 lag screws and the frictional holding force of the entire inside and outside surface area of the tube.

Nonetheless, lets assume some kind of biblical environment disaster, maybe it could be pulled off. Head for the hills if that happens. But a simple fail safe solution to that extremely unlikely event is to install our Power Bolts through the bottom of the post 1.5" above the base. Drill a 5/16" horizontal through hole, through the post, tube, wood in tube and out the other side. Slide in the bolt, screw the blind nut into the shaft of the bolt and voila!

You have a beautiful blind nut/bolt finish with a hardened steel transverse mounted connector providing extreme uplift resistance.

Both the 4x4 and 6x6 anchor have these options. But for tall support posts you should only be using 6x6 posts. Call us anytime to discuss.

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