Code Compliant?

by Bob
(Boston, Mass)

I see nothing that states that it's code approved, please advise.

Editor's Comments's

The Titan Post Anchor has been independenty tested by Intertek, a third party engineering firm for compliance when the anchor system is used in a wood railing system. The test procedure for metal post connectors or anchors which connect wood posts to surfaces is set out in the IRC AC273.

When built into a guard rail using softwood posts at 36" high the railing posts may be spaced up to 6' apart and the resulting railing system complies with the IRC for residential one and two family dwellings.

Use the contact form to obtain a copy of the sealed engineering reports.

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Titan Post Anchors and Residential Code Compliance Reports

by Renee
(Missouri, USA)

I have been looking for code-compliant post installation options for our new deck.
I came across your website and the Titan Post Anchors.

I know they state that they are "code-compliant", but I'm having a hard time finding specifics. The link to the engineering report doesn't work.

My question is this: Are they code compliant for 2nd story decks? Will they uphold the 200lb weight requirement? My plan is to use 4x4 posts spaced 2-6' with aluminum railing (36" tall) attached between. Thanks!

Editor's Comments

The Titan Post Anchors have been tested by accredited third party engineering lab Intertek for use as a post anchor device to a wood post which is used to build residential wood deck railings. The testing procedure for this kind of product is the IRC mandated AC273 testing regime for one and two dwelling applications.

It requires are railing section at the recommended height and spacing be built and then a mid-span concentrated load of 200# be administered and deflection measured. Then the load goes to the end post of the railing for a 200# load, deflection measurement and then a 500# load and hold for at least 60 seconds. This is a safety factor test.

You can get a copy of the sealed report by
contacting us anytime.

The 4x4 can be used for wood deck rails at 36" high and 6' post spacing while the 6x6 can be use at 36" and 8' post spacing.

You mentioned the use of second story applications. If your code requires a 42" high guard rail and you will have to verify this - then the 4x4 has been tested at 42" high and 4' post spacing. This is also consistent with California in all their residential applications.

So you have to verify which applies to you but the reports will specify the limits for each application.

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