Titan post anchors for Gazebo

by Jack

I'm interested in building an octogon gazebo on an existing concrete slab. The gazebo will be all cedar, with 4x4 posts, 13ft. square. The post will be about 8ft tall, and the entire structure will be around 11-12ft tall once the roof is installed. Simple railings on seven of the equal eight sides.

I'm not looking to install a floor, as I'll just be using the existing slab as the floor.

My concern is if the Titan anchor will be able to withstand the wind forces without much wobble. I'd really like for this gazebo to be around for a very long time, so lasting strength and durability are PARAMOUNT.

I've also looked at possibly the Simpson Strong-Tie EZ base that would encapsulate all four sides of the bottom of the post.

Which would you recommend?

Editor's Comments
Builders and homeowners all over are having great outcomes and success with using the post anchor for gazebos and pergolas.

Whether it is a surface mount solution to a composite or wood deck or on a concrete slab or even on stone masonry columns with cap stones.

Here is a beautiful pergola done by Macek Custom Builders. Go see a beautiful pergola job!

But the same dynamics are at play with a gazebo. In fact a gazebo has more rigidity by virtue of the walls between posts.

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Mar 17, 2013
Pergola and Gazebos work and look great with the Titan
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Well I am biased given I designed the product. But I have years of examples of people and manufacturers of gazebos telling me they love using the Titan Post Anchor for gazebo connections. Please check our testimonials.

We also use them a lot for pergolas. Both the 4x4 and 6x6 post anchors are very commonly used for this exact purpose.

Now let me explain something that is important when it comes to using the Titan Post Anchor on a tall structure like a gazebo or pergola.

The connection between the surface and the post will be solid. Don't worry about that. And the compression and tension (uplift from wind) loads are extremely high. By the way, we have excellent engineering reports for that as well. Just contact us.

But the overall rigidity of the structure depends more on how you build the upper roof, joist and post connections to the roof.

You must build the gazebo itself to be stiff. Its geometric shape will go a long way to achieving that on its own. However you should also use trusses from post to beams and or criss-cross at 90 degrees the joists of a pergola.

If you to that you can run into the structure and it won't budge an inch.

So I hope that helps.

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