at last, a better looking, easy to install surface mounted wood post anchor.
drill. drive. fasten. 
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"This eGuide is full of tips and illustrations I've learned on site. I guarantee it will arm you with the confidence to tackle your building project."

"The Titan Wood Post Anchor™ is a real work horse. Let me show you how easy it is to use and all the ways you can build decks, pergolas and other outdoor projects with it."

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How to install the Titan Wood Post Anchor™ in three simple steps

- - - -

How to save time and effort by not notching decking around posts.

- - - -

How to avoid complicated joist hardware and carpentry techniques.

- - - -

How to keep your wood posts high and dry for a super long life.

- - - -

How the patented technology was designed and works.

- - - -

How to install into softwood and hardwood posts (step by step instructions).

- - - -

How to install onto softwood, hardwood, aluminum, concrete and stone surfaces.

- - - -

How to build to meet international residential code (IRC) and national building code (NBC) standards.

- - - -

+ Bonus: Building deck railings and pergolas with the Titan Wood Post Anchor™.

"What people are saying"

" Awesome Product!! 

These Titan post mounts were just what I needed. I wanted to install my railings set back from the edge of my deck. But I didn't want to cut through the actual deck to lag the posts to the joists. Plus I didn't have the time to do all that work." 

With these post bases I was able to evenly space the posts where I wanted them without having to worry about hitting a joist. They were very easy to install and are way stronger than toe nailing a post. 

Thanks again for an awesome product!" 

William Mahig - East Islip, NY

"Great design and low visibility. Looks professional once installed. Instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. 

I had several posts to install, so I setup sort of an assembly line process. Made it simple. I hammered them into treated pine post with a 2 1/2lb hammer (after drilling the pilot hole first) and it was easy as pie! 

They hold very securely with no wobble. Rather than using shims I simply cinched down on the appropriate bolts to plumb the post. Great product. I would DEFINITELY recommend these to anyone!" 

Mitch Parsons - League City, TX

This FREE eGUIDE will teach ANYONE how to build faster & easier using the titan wood post anchor

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Are you a DIYer?

With our step by step illustrations you will have the confidence to build on your own. You will learn how to install posts, onto any surface, in just three simple steps. Your wood posts will look nice and clean unlike when using a big bulky wrap around style post bracket. Your neighbors will be amazed!

Are you a Contractor?

With the Titan Post Anchor experienced builders will cut a post and install an anchor, onto almost any surface, in three to five minutes. Giving longevity to your projects by keeping your wood posts high and dry. Be more competitive and more profitable with the Titan Post Anchor™.

"What people are saying"

"Best anchor I've used. We just completed our deck this past weekend and I have to say I'm extremely happy with both the performance and ease of use of the Titan Wood Post Anchor.

Overall a great product way better than the Simpson Strong Ties I've used in the past which have that tall ugly box at the bottom."

Alex McClure - Wylie, TX

"I mounted porch rails on concrete. I used the recommended bolts to connect the anchor to the post, then used tap cons to connect the anchor to the concrete. This resulted in a greatly stable porch railing. 

I've used these anchors and skirts on two jobs so far. Should I find the need again I will definitely use the Titan Wood Post Anchor." 

Phillip D. Deere - Lake Mary, FL

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