Unlevel surface for Titan Post Anchor

by T.J.
(Cedar Park, TX)

I am installing deck railing on a concrete and rock deck. The stairs in particular are made from stone blocks and flagstone.
One of the posts is a challenge because of the pitch and unlevelness of the stone the Titan Post Anchor will sit on. It actually is about a 1/4 off from front to back which will pitch the post. Short of trying to cut the post to compensate for the angle (which will be a huge challenge to get right) does anyone have any great ideas?

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Nov 20, 2013
ETA on self-leveling anchors?
by: Ian Mac

The self-leveling post anchor option would be perfect for my application. I'm trying to install posts into a sloped concrete walkway and a not-perfectly-poured staircase. Is there any ETA on this product yet?


Seattle, WA

Editor's Comments

We have not made a lot of progress on this yet other than simple prototypes and so while I was hoping to make a leveling adapter available for we were not able to.

But I appreciate your comments confirmation from many of interest in this and so it is on the 'must do' list.

One thing we have been doing is experimenting with a bi-directional system or an omni-directional system. The challenge is making it simple for the average person to quickly use and keep it affordable.

So thanks for your message as it is appreciated.

Jun 16, 2013
Levelling plate still in development
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

The self leveling plate is still in development. Unfortunately that is what often happens when I start working on a new product solution. And this year I just launched a new totally hidden fastener railing to post connector call the Shadow Rail which has taken a ton of time and effort.

Anyway, using the post anchor on asphalt can be done. But asphalt is softer than concrete so the fasteners would likely have to be a bit longer.

The other thing with asphalt is it gets softer in hot weather. But the post anchor is not being used for compression loading in this situation so it should work alright.

May 29, 2013
Self leveling plate available?
by: Charles

Hi Rich, is the self leveling plate you mentioned for installing Titan Post Anchors on an uneven surface (a slightly sloping asphalt driveway in my case), available yet?

While I'm at it, do you recommend using the anchors for asphalt installations? I'm planning on using three 4"x4" posts with anchors to support a small L shaped fence, 3' on the long side and 2' on the short side, and 3' high, to hide my garbage can from view.

Jan 20, 2013
Three options come to mind
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

This is a great question. We are developing a self leveling system as a solution for these kinds of unlevel surfaces and it will be out sometime in the 2013 season. However, that won't help you right now.

The simplest solution is to use some stainless steel flat washers to fill the gap under the particular corner of the anchor that needs to be raised to bring the post into plumb. The downside of this is you will see a gap under the anchor.

Other solutions which require more effort include grinding away some of the stone or concrete to create a level area or using a cement flooring leveling compound. It is better at filling depressions in a rough or unlevel surface. Not so great at building up and elevated platform area given it is generally supposed to be mixed to be a viscous but liquid mixture.

So those of the options that come to mind. And keep an eye out for the self leveling plate later this year.

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