Using Titan anchor for privacy fence panel on deck

Can the 4x4 Titan post anchor be used for attaching privacy fence divides on a deck?

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Jun 28, 2011
Using 4x4 Titan anchor for fence panels
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

The 4x4 Titan post anchor with a 42" free standing post (top end not attached to a solid structure above it) and regular hardware package of 5/16x3.5" lag screws of 337 lbs.

This is not sufficient for a privacy fence beyond 42" high and particularly not if it is 72" high - unless the fence is a short run between corners or directional changes of about 10 feet maximum.

This kind of structure would imply you are sharing the load between a corner post and a post connected to the house.

However, if you use our upgraded hardware package that includes 3/8x5" lag screws, RSS deck screws and our tested Power Bolt you get a much higher load rating.

In fact our in house testing (being verified by Intertek right now) on a 36"x 72" rail section (two posts) has averaged over 700 lbs without the Power Bolt and over 800 lbs with the Power Bolt.

This is only for a 36" high rail but, I think it is indicative of the performance increase you can get when you vary the hardware package.

So, if you want to use the 4x4 anchor in this kind of a scenario and it must comply with the building code, I can not give you any guidance or recommendation on load resistance at the top rail of a 6' privacy fence. We have never tested that. All I can tell you is that the leverage is much greater than on a 36" or 42" rail.

If it is not a building code situation then the load performance of the fence panel is not critical.

In any case, with the 4x4 anchor, you would have to secure one post against the house and have a short run to the next corner of no more than 10 feet and use our upgraded hardware package.

Or consider using 6x6 posts at far ends. Our regular 6x6 post anchor has a 503 lbs load rating (average) on 42" free standing posts and our new Titan Max 6x6 anchor has a load rating of 643 lbs (average). Can you believe that? Amazing for a low profile surface mounted post anchor!!

Or call us anytime to discuss and we will try to help you out so you make the right choice for your project whether you choose to go with us or not.

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