Using Titan post anchor on rooftop deck with flat 2x6 sleepers

by Michael
(North Carolina)

I'm building a floating deck on top of a flat roof. 2x6 sleepers are lying flat with hardwood deck boards on top. I can put the titan post anchor where the sleepers and deck board intersect, but how would you suggest I attach the anchor?

I don't want to penetrate the roofing and there's no room for blocking? Perhaps put a steel reinforcing plate underneath? Carriage bolts coming up with nuts on top? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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Jun 26, 2012
Here are possible solutions
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

The screws that go into the surface are 3" long, the base is 5/8" high, your deck board is probably 1" or 5/4" thick, the flat 2x6 is 1.5" That means the screw penetrates about 1/8" or less beyond the 2x6 if your deck boards are 1" thick and is completely inside the 2x6 if the boards are 5/4".

I would find some way to make the flat boards a tiny bit thicker and your problem is solved. If you have a post anchor situation between 2x6s, you should run another 2x6 between the other 2x6s directly below the the post anchor location. I recommend this rather than using a perpendicular blocking piece given you can not fasten into the ends of the blocking piece the way the this is to tight to the roof and because the 2x6s are laying flat.

You could run this extra 2x6 the entire width of length of the deck if you wish but I believe extending it back no more than 4-6' would be more than enough.

Alternatively, you can also buy your own deck screws and get a #14x2.5" and the screws would not go below the 2x6 if using a 1" deck board.

There are many ways to solve this.

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