Weld Column Patches - Deck Tile Job

You're not done until the patch details are finished.

Cut corner patches so they overlap the continuous membrane that comes up from the deck. Ensure the overlap is about 1-1/2".

Once you have installed the TileDeck to the substrate you have to apply contact cement all around the column walls where the membrane will go.

Installing detail patches around column corners

Remove Top Fuzz and Polyester Backing

The woven polyester backing on the patch has to be removed before welding. In addition, the fuzz on the deck membrane has to be removed where the patch will overlap.

Be very careful not to get contact cement on the membrane anywhere there is an overlap to be welded.

It will cause problems for the weld and prevent proper melding together of the sheets and it burns and looks terrible.

Notice how the corner patches are carefully cut, sized and fitted to come right down for the appropriate overlap at the corner.

The deck membrane is cut at a 45 degree angle so the corner of the column is its lowest height. This is the most critical area of the patch detail.

Careful detail to the patch details of column
Careful detail to the patch details of column

A Job For Professionals Only

But when done properly by Matt's team, you end up with a job well done.

You can see how meticulously this corner patch has been cut and installed for the exact overlap. It has been properly adhered to the wood column with contact cement.

No cement has been dripped or applied between the overlapping membrane. It is flat and thoroughly welded to the column and the deck surface.

This is how a professional does his job.  Now you are ready for the tiling job.

Tiling can be done in the traditional manner now that the durable TileDek membrane creates a waterproof layer below.

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