Which hidden fastener to use on my Lowes decking??

by Randy
(Smithfield, Va.)

I bought 750 sq ft of Select Choice decking from Lowes along with enough stainless steel "Versa-Clips" by Fasten Master to do the job.

After realizing that once installed with these clips, the decking is there to stay. If I ever need to replace a board for any reason, I would have to destruct it to remove it.

The clips are installed with 45 degree angled screws. I am now considering some type of clip that screws strait down, even though most are plastic. At least I think it would allow for future removal of a board if necessary. Thanks, Any opinions?

Editor's Comments

This is something I have often wondered as a builder or a homeowner because there are occasions when you may need to remove one board for are repair - or some other reason.

It's not a serious concern. But if you ever did have to remove a board in the middle of the deck you would have some work ahead of you.

Versa-Clip Deck Fastening System

How versa-clip fasteners for decking work

Here is the fastener we are talking about. You have most certainly seen this concept around. And there are many variations of this.

You can see why it would be a lot of work to selectively remove a single board after the fact. Each board interlocks with the one before it.

The only easy board to remove would be the very first one which is top down screwed along its outer edge in traditional fashion and then the clips begin after that.

However, there are some systems where they provide a special side mounted clip with only one leg or projection so that it can be used to connect with the outside edge of the board along the deck's perimeter and be hidden also - just like the infield boards.

So no top down screws required. If you have that style then you would have to go to the other end of the deck and remove boards one at a time working you way back to the beginning.

What To Make Of All Of This?

For the vast majority of homeowners or builders, removing boards after the fact is not a serious concern. It's rather like the challenge of removing a floor board inside your home if you have a problem.

Yes, it can happen and yes it is a hassle. But the benefits of a beautiful hidden fastener system generally far out weigh the risks.

You can learn more by reading this article about other deck fastening systems.

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Aug 30, 2020
Screw down through the plank NEW
by: Les Ismmore

Assume composite planks as not reusable if screwing them in through the face. The composite encloses slightly around the head, preventing it from rising back up. Force lifting will crack the plank across the screw holes. With hidden fasteners, there is a better chance of reusing the plank.

Dec 12, 2017
Removable decking fasteners
by: Anonymous

I have installed several decks using Lowe's choice decking. The grooves in this decking are equivalent to a table saw cut on the edge of the board. I personally used this saw method instead of a router for custom work.

I have found the Trex fasteners best to install this type of decking except for starter/edge clips! In my installations I often start inside, like when laying tile or masonry ending with partial width boards when the edge is not true or straight. Trex center clips allow you to install or remove any two boards side by side by screwing in or out the retaining clips.

Unfortunately Trex end clips won’t work with this decking because the groove is too narrow. So buy the clips separately. Locate some equivalent to versa end clips or Senco Mantis.

Jul 09, 2015
Hidden Deck Fasteners
by: BMAC2U

Check out the Grabber hidden deck fastening system. If you have access to below the deck, then you can always get at the screws.

Editor's Comments

Yes the Grabber system works well for securing decking from underneath and to wood joists. This application is using metal joists so it might be a bit more finicky to attach the Grabber style connectors to the sides of metal joists than wood.

Not impossible but you would have to use metal tapping screws. But then metal joists are essentially open and hollow allowing you to get inside the joist and screw vertically upwards into the board at a perpendicular angle.

Jul 01, 2015
Additional comments to initial concern
by: Randy

In addition to not being able to remove/replace an individual board, another concern after installation is there is no ability to jack up a board if it is screwed into a stringer that happens to be low. When using fasteners that screw straight into the joist at 90 degrees, it is possible to loosen, slide a shim under, and raise the board 1/8" or so. That is if you are anal about your deck not having a low spot, like some people!!

Tamko makes a product called the EverClip. It is stainless, not plastic, screws in straight, and a sales rep for the company is supposedly sending me some to try on my boards. I will update later.

Thanks for your comments Mr. Editor.

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