Will the 6x6 Titan Post Anchors work well on a concrete patio?

by Doug Champagne
(Buffalo, New York)

I am going to build 12'X16' awning (mounted at one end to my house) over the top of an existing concrete patio. I am wondering if the 6x6 post anchor will be a good solution on a concrete patio slab.

I would prefer to sink 6X6 posts into the ground but that's too far out from the house so I'm looking for the best way to attach them to my slab. I'm going to use a 3-12 pitch on the roof so the front height of the awning and the 6X6 posts themselves will wind up being no more than 6'6".

I will also sandwich these post between 2X8's cut into the posts to carry the front load, and I'm just trying to make sure that these anchors will do the job.

Never had to worry about this before.

When I build, I tend to build things like my deck and shed for tornado strength. I'm going to use 2X8's for the rafters probably 12" on center instead of 16". 3/4" plywood for the roof sheathing, and I also screw everything rather than nail.

I just don't want the concrete to start cracking or chipping away or year or so down the line from using this type of system, or if these are not the best way to go, having the structure be unsteady in any way.

The latter I can't believe as the sheer weight alone should anchor it down as well.

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