wood deck railing makeover to metal balusters

Old wood deck railingThe Deck - Before The Makeover

old wood deck railing needs A simple makeover

If you are like one of the millions of homeowners around the country who have a simple wood railing that has seen its best days, there is good news for you.

Anyone, just like you can replace your old wood deck railing quickly and easily with the Snap'n Lock Baluster™ system.  It's an aluminum metal baluster system unlike any other metal balusters. 

about the builder

Hai reached out to us and tried using the Snap n Lock system because his deck railing was done.  It was actually detracting from his home. 

He wanted to get rid of the fascia mounted 2x2's and start fresh with something he could do by himself.

He also wanted to add a pergola as a shade feature and to give the upgraded deck a complete makeover.

and He has a secret he wants to share with you

The secret that makes it so easy to use is the patented Snap'n Lock Connectors and screws that allow you to build your railing first and then just snap the balusters in sideways.

No fighting. No frustration trying to balance fifteen loose balusters and 2x4 rails as the same time.

Snap Lock Screw
Snap Lock Snap
Snap Lock Lock

This short case study will show you how an ordinary homeowner quickly and easily transformed a beaten up deck and with the right products and some enthusiasm into a backyard oasis that his family loves and uses everyday.

Replaced old Decking and installed a New Railing

Off went the old wood railing and on went new composite decking with a two tone color picture frame to give the space some visual appeal and define the deck surface.

Notice that Hai installed the Snap Lock balusters using a method often seen indoors where the foot of the baluster is actually fastened to the landing or floor surface.

He also employed the two tone color trick to the hand rail which was a nice touch.

New wood rail with 2x4 cap rail and Snap Lock BalustersTwo tone colors add a nice visual contrast.

Here is How to install balusters directly to the decking

Hand rail to deck surfaceMeasure from under the handrail to the deck floor surface.

Measure the distance from the underside of the hand rail to the floor or deck surface. 

Snap'n Lock Balusters kits are available in 36" and 31" lengths which are most commonly used for this kind of an application.

How to cut baluster to correct length.Cut balusters if needed using a grinding cutting wheel

Measure the distance between the flat surfaces inside the baluster shoe (C shaped connector) and cut the baluster to that length using a grinder with a metal cutting blade.  It's easy to do. 

And if you like, cut the baluster about 1/16" to 1/8" shorter than the actual length.

beware: not all baluster systems are the same

You only find out how difficult plug style balusters systems are once you have bought them and are stuck with them.  This E-guide shows you everything you need to know about Snap'n Lock Balusters compared to other systems before you make a decision.

Get Snap n Lock E Guide and find out what other baluster manufacturers won't tell you.

Stair rail balusters continue the elegant appearance

Deck staircase with Snap Lock Balusters along stair rail

Hai installed Snap'n Lock Balusters down the stair rail of this staircase.

These deck stairs feature closed risers which hide the stair stringers and in this case make for a more finished appearance.

Lattice panels under the fascia board define the perimeter of the deck in an understated manner while hiding whatever may be underneath the deck.

Here is how he installed the balusters along the stair rail

Illustration of close stringer baluster and hand railClosed stringer application

Measure the distance from the underside of the upper hand rail to the top surface of the lower rail.  Use a level to ensure that the connector locations are perfectly vertical.

How to cut baluster to lengthMeasure and cut balusters

Use the same measuring technique and cut the baluster to length with a grinder and metal cutting wheel.

the reveal

Finished wood deck railing and pergola makeoverThe Makeover is Complete

The homeowner completed his wood deck railing makeover by adding a pergola with a clear poly carbonate roof.  The light can pass through but not the rain.

If you have a similar deck that needs a bit of love and tender care, start thinking of possibilities because this story is proof positive that you can do this too.

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We receives hundreds of stories from DIYers everywhere who have used our products to improve their homes. If you need to fix up your old wood deck railing be sure to get a copy of the Ultimate Snap'n Lock Baluster Eguide so you don't make the mistake of using the old plug style metal baluster systems.

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