Interviews of inventors in the building products industry

Ever wondered how a new invention or idea got to market?

Then listen to these interviews. 

You will hear exclusive one on one conversations with some of the brightest minds in the building products industry today!

Learn about a new construction products or cool ideas that you can use on one of your building projects. But most of all, enjoy the human story behind these products.

As a product developer myself, I am so lucky to get to meet all kinds of amazing people in the building industry.

"The Innovators" Podcast Series

Not only do I speak to interview inventors, I also speak directly with companies who have brought interesting new products to market.

It is incredible to hear the stories of these peope that design and develop new products that you use everyday.


Moonlight Deck Post Caps - Steve Hodes Jr. Listen

Tiger Claw - Mark Aromi Listen

Oz-Post - Ian Hill Listen

Duradeck Northwest - Matt Whale Listen

Squaremate - Daniel Price Listen


Installing Waterproof Deck Tiles - Matt McLure - DekMax

EZ Stairs System - Richard Truckner, Gordon Walker 

Ducan Decking - Cori Kyle 

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