Shadow Rail Connectors and Stair Railings

by Johanna

My husband and I have been replacing our deck and are at the point of installing the deck and stair railings.

We're using the Titan Deck Post Anchors and the Shadow Rail Connectors.

Can the Shadow Rail Connectors be used for the stair railings?

If so, are there any differences in the techniques used to install the stair railings compared to the deck railings?

So far, I love the ease of installation and the look of the deck post anchors and the rail connectors.

Editor's Comments

The rail connectors are designed specifically for standard deck rails - that means 90 degree connections to the post.

Whereas a stair rail connects to the posts at somewhere bewteen 33 and 36 degrees. So the end of the 2x4 rail when cut at an angle creates a longer surface than if its a straight 90 degree cross cut.

Titan does have a stair rail version in development that will be perfectly shaped to match that common stair rail cut angle.

But you can still easily use the regular Shadow Rail connectors for the ends of 2x4 stair rails. It's just that the connectors will be a bit smaller than the length of the end cut of the 2x4.

I suppose if you absoutely want it to match or mimic the end of the 2x4 like it does with the regular rails then this might not be what you want.

But even in a stair rail application, all the fasteners are hidden and its a way smaller connector than other ones on the market.

So it will definitely work, just will be a bit smaller appearance. Still installs in the same concept as regular rails (horizontal).

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