A 45 Degree Corner With Paired Posts Set Apart

How To Attach Set Back Double Posts On Corner That is 45 Degrees

You are getting into some complicated framing techniques with this paired posts configuration.

Because these posts are set apart from the corner itself, it is necessary to add blocking on an angle to tie back into the main joists. And that connection should also use a custom threaded rod to really strengthen that joist to blocking point.

You can also have set back 45 degree railing posts. This drawing shows how that would look.

Note that the challenge associated with a 45 degree corner with paired posts set apart is you will still have the challenge of building the deck railing section between these two offset posts. The lower and upper rail members must meet and connect rigidly.

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Rim Joist Diagram

Required Hardware And Cost

This requires some very precise framing and blocking techniques and may be beyond the skill of the average homeowner. But a skilled carpenter should have no problem.

Of course be sure to use all the proper hardware and connectors to make sure it performs properly. But you will have to notch the decking around the posts and the railing will sit beyond the edge of the deck in most cases.

So be sure to keep any gap 4" or less.

But you may wish to consider why you would want to build a corner deck railing like this given it's complexity and that there are much simpler, cheaper and better looking ways to install a strong long lasting deck railing post..

Surface mounted post anchor

In addition, a lot of people are concerned about their posts remaining vulnerable to moisture over the years because of direct wood on wood contact.

If you have these concerns, there are railing solutions for decks available to get you a high quality and beautiful looking railing.

What you may wish to consider is to build deck railing with posts that are connected to the deck boards by a low profile surface mount anchor.

Take for example this low profile internal wood railing post anchor shown here.

At less than twenty bucks, it can be used in code compliant residential rail applications when installed according to the manufacuturer's engineering guidelines.

A Simple And Cost Effective Option

This is a potential solution for builing new wood deck railings, replacing rotted railing posts, or as support posts for pergolas, gazebos, decks, etc.

Then watch this video of a surface mount wood post anchor that has been tested for use with wood deck railings and costs less than $20 with all the hardware you will ever need and it covers all the possible situations described above.

So that's it.

A thorough analysis of how you can set back 45 degree railing posts into joist framing and an alternative solution for great looking railing. You decide which is right for your specific project.

Find out more about this affordable post anchoring solution.

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