Bamboo deck for Canadian winters?

Have any Canadians build a ground level deck out of bamboo material? If so, how has it stood up to the Canadian winters?

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Mar 12, 2010
Bamboo Decking in Canadian Winters
by: Editor - Rich Bergan

This is a great question and I have just completed a number of articles on the new bamboo decking that is starting to appear on the market.

Suffice it to say that while there appear to be many great qualities and attritbutes to bamboo decking wood, it is not yet a known performer in a more northern climate where there is both snow, ice and rain and wild temperature swings.

So, if it were me I would be cautious at this time and keep an eye on developments. I really hope that bamboo will perform well in the northern states and many of the Canadian provinces that have winters.

There are various methods and glues used that really make a difference in strength and performance. Long strands are the best and yet you still have to seal ends and tops, some say even bottom surfaces. A bit of work.

But stay tuned... Bamboo is doing well in many areas and a friend of mine just built a big deck in Michigan as a test. They get winter in Michigan.


Since this article was first written there have been some big improvements in the bamboo category of decking.

The two main types of bamboo that have emerged in recent years and which are designed specifically to handle very harsh environments - including African heat and Canadian cold - are fused bamboo and capped composite bamboo decking.

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