Concrete support post anchors free standing deck

I'm starting with support posts for a free standing deck that are than 15" tall and secured to the concrete footing with a Simpson post anchor and a 1/2" bolt set into the concrete.

But the posts do not seem rigid enough and I don't want to rely on angle braces from the posts to joist framing to correct it.

For a free-standing deck should the support posts be completely rigid? Maybe I need to tight bolt nut more?

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Jun 16, 2013
Here is an option for you
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

Since you have specifically said you do not want to make the post and beam framing siffer by adding bracking to the posts and beams and or joists then you have only one other realistic option left. I will get to that in a moment.

The post anchors you refer to are the work horse of the industry but are not designed for top of post lateral load resistance. For that kind of application on a free standing deck you have to use something that can handle more of a moment force. If you were starting from the beginning you could have dropped posts into cement inside the footings.

That would work but the posts are susceptible to rotting and much be treated for ground contact at the very least.

Or you could use the Titan Wood Post Anchor as a solution up to a point. At only 15" they will work very well for providing the rigidity you are looking for and in fact are rated for residential use as a guard rail post within certain post spacing limits. But the engineering is good to know because it will help you here.

In addition there is compression loading engineering for the post anchor (4x4) which is really good. 25,000 pounds or so before defection in the base. So its way strong enough for your idea and it looks really clean as opposed to the side flaps visible on the other products.

You can read more about post anchors in general and also see how we have used the Titan post anchor for all kinds of impressive and highly visible support post to concrete applications including free standing decks.

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