Editorial - Deck insider Spring 12

Welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of the Deck INSIDER.

In this issue I’d like to share with you some quick tips on getting your deck up to snuff after a winter season.

And even though we had a fairly warm winter, with a lot less snow coverage for the folks in the north, it often means more rain and dampness.

The dampness actually can be tougher on the decking materials then a frozen layer of ice or snow.

Spring Cleaning Issues

Now is the time to go out and inspect everything even though you probably did this in the fall before the winter.

You would be surprised to see what you may have missed or what happened underneath all that snow or rain.

So you will want to take a quick look at the deck cleaning tip list to get on the right track.

It explains it quick and easy and points to several other "must read" articles on the topic.

Framing For Posts & Joists

Another interesting thing I’d like to share with you at the beginning of this season is some building tips and techniques on how to properly frame wood posts into joists.

I wrote these over the winter and there is a detailed drawing and summary of how you can do it too - if this is your building style.

Be sure to read this article as it will likely be useful reference document for you.

It explains all the ins and out you need to know about framing, and buiding a secure joist mounted wood post. There are even material lists and costs.

A Step Forward

And in keeping with my interest in product development and cool new things on the horizon I have found a new deck stair tread covering system that looks promising.

It covers old worn out treads and extends their life and saves you a lot of labor. It also improves safety by providing better traction for you. Check it out and see what I mean.

We love to hear about new and exciting ideas so please add us to your Facebook account and let us know what is keeping you busy this season!

Have a great spring!

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