Ledger Board on Brick and Sloping a Deck in corner of house

by Phil
(Ontario, Canada)

I would like to build a 11' x 11' deck in corner of the house. I have two questions.

1) The house is double brick. Can I use ledger plates on the two sides that connect to the house. I read that you shouldn't use ledger plates with brick construction but that seemed to be only for brick veneer.

2) Do I make both sides that connect to house level and then slope in both directions to the free corner. How much lower should the free corner be?

Editor's Comments

It is not exactly clear what your foundation is but I am going to assume it is cinder block and that you have a brick facade over the exterior.

Ledger Board Options on Cinder Block Walls

There is a good article showing all the details of connecting ledger boards correctly and includes an illustration when cinder blocks are used. However, the drawing assumes the cavities of the blocks are filled with concrete. If your cinder blocks are hollow than this drawing would not apply. You would indeed have to go through the entire block and use a washer and nut from the other side. Some kind of backing board under the washers might be helpful to relieve any stress on the block.

But you might just as well consider a free standing deck resting on surface footings if your soil is now settled.

Sloping A Deck in Two Directions

I see where you are going with this idea but I would never build a wood framed deck like this. You are suggesting sloping the remote corner of the deck for water egress. This will create all kinds of challenges in order to build. Further more the visual effect would likely be detrimental. I would shy away from that notion. I would slope it in one direction only.

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