Paired Posts At Inside Corner

How To Install Paired Posts At Inside Corner

What do you do when you have doubled or paired posts at an interior 90 degree corner location? This requires some unique framing and bracing techniques and connector hardware if you plan to secure the posts to the deck joist structure.

Because adding a second rail post at an inside corner means you are bolting on to an adjacent joist or rim joists you have to add some significant blocking into the deck frame.

Here is a typical framing scenario at an inside corner for two posts and the hardware you will need.

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Rim Joist Diagram

Required Hardware And Cost

Building your deck railing in this manner is less common but you do see it occasionally. The reason is because it makes for a more complicated corner for the adjacent railing to connect together.

In addition to some good carpentry skills and labor, you have to get a lot of hardware and install it all properly. The end result though is a very strong double corner post arrangement.

This way of installing double corner posts can be well beyond the ability or desire of most people to install all this hardware, or notch the decking boards around each post.

Surface mounted wood post anchor

Some don't want to have their posts and railing off set away from the corner.

The other issue for some is the vulnerability of the wood posts to moisture damage over the years because of direct wood on wood contact.

If you fall into this group, there are simpler ways to install strong deck rail posts at inside corners that will also give you a high quality and beautiful looking railing.

Take for example this low profile internal wood railing post anchor shown here.

At less than twenty bucks, it can be used in code compliant residential rail applications when installed according to the manufacuturer's engineering guidelines.

A Simple And Cost Effective Option

This is a potential solution for new wood deck railings, replacing rotted railing posts, or as support posts for pergolas, gazebos, decks, etc.

Then watch this video of a surface mount wood post anchor that has been tested for use with wood deck railings and costs less than $20 with all the hardware you will ever need and it covers all the possible situations described above.

So there you have it.

A thorough explanation of building traditional wood railing for decks and alternative solutions for great looking deck railing. You decide which is right for your specific project.

Find out more about this innovative post anchoring solution.

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