Paver Deck Designs

There is now a huge choice of paver deck designs and concepts you can use to beautify your backyard.

It used to be that paver decks had to be built using traditional landscaping construction methods such as using granular stone fill inside a retaining wall. This can be cost prohibitive for some people and there are reasonable limits to how high a paver deck can go.

But using some of the new deck paver stone systems on the market today, like the Silca System, elevated decks 4', 6', 8' above grade and beyond are possible and more affordable than ever.

A paver deck on wood frame requires less maintenance and brings a more luxurious look and feel to your home. Its not for everyone. It depends on your preferences. It depends on the style of your home.

Various Designs of Paver Decks Are Possible

Stairs made of stone with wood framing
A stone deck around pool
Wood decking with paver stones
A finished paver stone deck on wood frame
Finished paver deck

As you can see from the pictures above there are lots of possible paver deck designs that might be perfect for you.

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