Paver Deck on a Wood Frame

A stone paver deck can be installed over a wood frame.

If you are like most people you probably thought deck pavers could only be installed at ground level over 12"-18" of granular stone.

Turns out stone is a great material obviously for its durability.

But there are substrate systems that can be used over wood joist framing to lay paver stones right on top.

Here is a deck construction project - based on a couple jobs - that show the steps of how to use the Silca System to install stone deck pavers over a traditional wood frame deck. The project draws images from several projects to show.

Not only is framing way cheaper than excavating and laying granular stone, it creates so many elevation possibilities and extends the life of a deck to as long as the framing will last.

Wooded Lot Retreats

Recently I was speaking with Bill Nezbeth of Silca Systems.

My eyes were opened wide when I saw and heard about the possibilities now available for home owners.

I regularly get messages from visitors asking if there is a good way to build a traditional wood deck, or resurface an old deck, using a stone materials surface.

A Paver Deck over wood frame
A Paver Deck in Oregon

Until now, I wasn't sure what to say. But take a look at these decks in beautiful Arkansas and Oregon.

They are built from traditional wood joist framining using a strong and durable modular substrate that spans the joist and allows any kind of stone to go over a deck.

The implications were obvious - like a very long lasting deck - as long as the framing will last.

Very low maintenance - on par with a traditional interlocking stones over gravel base.

Endless possibilities of building a deck above grade and maintaining continuity in look and feel from a ground patio deck to the upper levels.

Less costly to build then excavating and building up a deck 2' or 3' above existing grade.

So if you were ever wondering if a paver deck was a possibility on a wood frame, follow the steps of a typical installation and learn more...

Ready to Construct Your Paver Stone Deck?

Who would have thought a paver deck on a wood frame possible?

Well, it certainly is and this article has hopefully shed some light on how it works. But there are other good reads for you.

If you have a helpful tip you would like to share just contact us. If we publish it we will be sure to credit you and link back to your site.

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