Snap'n Lock™ balusters - Find Out how versatile and easy they Are to use

Multiple decks and uses of Snap Lock balustersSnap n Lock Balusters can be used in so many ways.

sideways locking connectors open a world of installation possibilities

If you have never installed other baluster systems where you must fit the balusters into holes or over plugs - this article is a must read for you. 

The manufacturers of plug style baluster systems neglect to tell you about the hassles and frustration people commonly experience while trying to install them.  

As an experienced builder I can attest to the frustrating experience firsthand.  That is why I invented the Snap'n Lock™ baluster product.  So, before you jump-in, do yourself a favor and read on.   

The patented Snap'n Lock™ baluster system is the first sideways baluster installation system on the market. 

And that my friend is the reason it solves so many problems.

enjoy the freedom to build more Creative and More  beautiful projects quickly 

Unlike the other systems on the market, with the Snap'n Lock™ baluster system you can install your deck railings first and then all you have to do is come along and literally snap the balusters into place with speed and ease - and most importantly - with a smile on your face!  

Consider the range of benefits you can enjoy with the sideways Snap'n Lock™ baluster system:

  • Faster installs of DIY wood post and rail systems - builders can do installations faster with just one installer
  • Retrofit old wood railings without tearing down the entire railing
  • Simple care-free maintenance
  • Other creative applications like kitchen island cabinetry and even outdoor benches.

mechanics of the Snap'n Lock™ baluster connectors

Using the Snap'n Lock™ baluster system is as simple as these three steps...  1. Screw, 2. Snap, and 3. Lock.

Simply screw down the base to the 2x4 rail.  Snap in the baluster.  Slide down and lock the collar.  That is, it.

And not only is it fast to install the Snap'n Lock™ baluster system is it is also fast and easy to uninstall - a huge benefit when it comes time for maintenance.

five different ways you can build with Snap'n Lock™ balusters

First, for the average home owner, common wood post and rail systems now go up faster because you comfortably attach the rails first.  Then, at your leisure you can snap each baluster in sideways, slide down the collar and lock it in.   No more balancing acts and fighting with each successive baluster to fit into a hole then dropping it and having to start all over again and again!

Secondly, builders love this too.  Why? Because speed and simplicity means more efficiency and profitability. But don't believe me, listen to what this builder has to say. 

Third, old railings can be retrofitted with the Snap'n Lock™ balusters without having to tear down the entire railing thus saving time and money.

FourthSnap'n Lock™ balusters make indoor stair and landings easier to build than plug systems and the 3/4" balusters look more elegant that 1/2" iron spindles.

Fifth, the simple sideways install technique lends itself to some incredibly creative possibilities beyond railings.  Check out these alternative uses like kitchen island cabinetry and outdoor benches.

here is why This builder Loves Snap'nLock™ 

from common to Fabulous wood railings in just a snap

New cedar deck snap lock baluster railingMike's new deck with Snap n Lock Balusters, Shadow Rail connectors and surface mounted Titan Post Anchors

Mike had a treated pine deck with an eleven year old wood substandard looking railings.  So, he decided it was time to for an upgrade. 

Mike did his research and studied various railing infill panels and styles.  He settled in on aluminum balusters with cedar posts and rails.

Then he narrowed it down even further and chose our sideways installed Snap'n Lock™ baluster system for the following reason.

Old wood deck with railing and chairsOld wood railing before the Snap n Lock makeover.

"The idea of building the railing first and then just snapping the balusters into place was far more appealing than boring holes into the rails or using plugs and trying to simultaneously fit fifteen balusters into those same holes or plugs."

Renovated deck with cedar decking, railing and Snap Lock.The new deck and railing is more beautiful, more durable.

This is the one thing other manufacturers never mention - with their system you have to balance a loose upper 2x4 rail while fitting all the balusters into holes or plugs before you attach the rail to the posts. 

Mike knew this and decided he didn't want the fight and hassle.

He also preferred the elegant architectural ogee (curved) styled collars.

He got the benefit of a simple, easy to install sideways baluster system with the luxurious appearance of the Snap'n Lock™ system.

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a new look and a railing that will stand the test of time

Alan's deck below needed an upgraded. 

He tackled this project by himself and used the Snap'n Lock™ balusters because he knew the sideways installation would be an easy project he could manage by himself.

He had a common style deck built with cedar decking and a wood railing using 2x4s and a 2x6 cap rail or commonly referred to as a "drink rail".   Afterall, everyone needs a spot to place their cold drink during the sunny  months of summer!

Instead of having to remove and replace both the upper and lower wood rails and the balusters, he simply removed the old spindles and replaced them with the Snap'n Lock™ sideway installation balusters.  

This approach not only saved Alan money, time and effort the Snap'n Lock™ balusters also gave his deck a splash of elegance and durability.

Side view of front of deck with Snap'n Lock BalustersA typical wood deck railing with an unusually elegant looking aluminum infill thanks to Snap'n Lock Balusters.
Cedar deck railing with 2x6 cap rail and Snap Lock Balusters.Snap n Lock balusters are the main feature on this wood railing that make is stand out.

The maintenance of a railing with Snap'n Lock™ connectors is also a bonus simply because you don't have to tape or carefully stain around the balusters.  You just pop up the collar with a flat screw driver, stain around the connector shoe with carefree speed and snap it down again.

"Excellent product, easy to install. Love this product. In spite of having 10 thumbs I was able to easily and quickly install. And I think it looks great. I'd recommend to anyone." - Allan H

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A new hampshire country home Looks beautiful with the snap'n Lock™ Baluters

New Hampshire deck with Herring bone decking pattern.Herring bone decking pattern and Snap'n Lock balusters for an elegant infill.

Cassie is from New Hampshire and has a beautiful home not far from the majestic White Mountains. 

The architecture and materials of this home tell you that it is built for four seasons.  Steeply sloped roof for snow and cedar shingle siding to stop the driving rain.

Cassie's walkout deck fits its environment perfectly. The cedar posts and rails fit right in.  The decking is cedar 5/4 boards set at 45 degree angles from the house. 

The Snap'n Lock™ balusters in black are just the right feature that make this classic home stand out. 

"I think it turned out really nice!" - Cassie M

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builders lOve sNAP'N LOCK™ BALUTERS because they can do stuff like this

Multi level stairs with snap n lock balustersWow! Snap'n Lock Balusters, hidden fastener Shadow Rail connectors and Titan Post Anchors.

The common feedback from builders is that the Snap'n Lock™ system is easily a one man job.

For new builds they love being able to install the rails to the posts first and then come along and snap in the balusters from the side. Easily and quickly.

For retrofitting they love being able to switch out old balusters with the new Snap'n Lock™ balusters without having to take down the entire railing.  This saves both them and their customers money. 

Some of builders also love the fact that Snap'n Lock™ is designed and manufactured right here in North America.  The aluminum tubing, the screws, the plastic and the injection molding is all done domestically - not overseas.

"These are the best balusters around because they make it easy peasy to put together. The good part is that you can do this after the deck is all done.  You can't do that with the competitors balusters." - Matt R

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Stair and landingCincinnati builder creates an elegant stair and landing with Snap Lock infill and custom panels.
Snap'n Lock eGuide

retro-fitting: you can't do this with other systems

Porch railing with Snap'n LockBaluster switched to Snap'n Lock without having to tear down the rails.

William want to fixup his dated porch railing which was framed with 4x4 rails between the porch columns.  He just pulled out the old spindles an snapped in the Snap'n Lock™ balusters from the side in half the time.  And what a nice look!

"These are really nice due to not having to drill holes in the top and bottom handrails.  I have had so many compliments and questions about this product. I have built so many decks and the post anchor kits, snap and lock balusters and the shadow rail connectors really make the strongest system I have found in all my years of building decks." - William H

south carolina two storey balcony railing needed help

This homeowner from South Carolina was looking at a large balcony and stairs project.  The wood railings had passed their useful life.

The thought of tearing down and entirely rebuilding the railing was daunting and would have been  expensive and time consuming.

So Snap'n Lock™ balusters with the sideways installation feature were the best choice for this renovation.

The 2x2 pickets were cut out quickly leaving the horizontal upper and lower rails in place.  They were in good shape.

All that had to be done was the layout for the connectors at the right spacing and then snapping the balusters in from the side.

Balcony railing constructionRailing under construction
Balcony with finished railingNew balusters installed.

a georgia mountain cabin railing didn't meet code

Sandra loved her peaceful cabin in the mountains of Georgia.  She particularly loved this upper bedroom balcony deck and rustic railing.

But the balusters were spaced almost 8" inches apart and she wanted to bring it up to snuff - up to code actually.

That meant reducing the space between balusters to no more than 4".  What to do?  She didn't want to try and dismantle a timber frame railing. But it was easy with Snap'n Lock™ balusters. 

Sandra trimmed the balusters to get the right fit. 

Attic balcony railing
Attic balcony railing

She then screwed the Snap'n Lock™ shoe base connector directly to the floor and the underside of the upper railing.

She quickly snapped in the balusters from the side and locked the friction fit architectural collars. Voila!

Now just imagine waking up to blue skies and these majestic Georgia mountains.  It's a little piece of heaven.

"I just wanted to let you know how much we love your product. The installation could not have been easier and it really dressed up our balcony along with making it so much safer. " - Sandra R

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Snap'n Lock™ Baluster work with composite railings

With many people going the extra length to beautify their outdoor railings with composite post and rail sleeves, it's nice to know Snap'n Lock™ balusters work well with them.

Mark rebuilt this beautiful backyard deck nestled in a heavily wooded lot for beautiful privacy and a cozy place to relax.

The various earth tones of the many composite manufacturers play well with the classic black balusters and connectors as shown here.

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Composite railings with snap lock balusters
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Snap'n Lock™ is great for inside your home too!

a tale of three HOMES WITH Snap'n Lock™ railings INSIDE

Indoor stair landing with snap lock balusters

Joe had an indoor stair landing that needed a new railing.  He didn't wan the smaller and very common ½" iron balusters.  They just didn't have the size needed to make the railing look right.

So he just installed the Snap'n Lock™ connectors directly to the floor.  He laid them out at the proper spacing and quickly snapped everything sideways into place.

To learn more about how to use the Snap'n Lock™ balusters for an interior application click here.

Learn More

Gary had a timber style railing in his house and wanted to use an infill that was easy to install without having to deconstruct the large 3x8 rails.  

Turned out that the Snap'n Lock™ system was just what he needed.  And it looks great.  

"I wanted to tell you that you make an awesome product and the railings in my new home in Georgia look amazing so thank you very much." - Gary J

Indoor timber frame railing

Ken chose the 36" Snap'n Lock Round Balusters to accent this stairway upper landing.  He used larger 6x6 posts with decorative 6x6 timber style post anchors and post caps.

The ogee architectural style Snap Lock connectors had the perfect look and paired beautifully with the larger dimensional wood post and rails.

But best of all was that the Snap'n Lock balusters install so easily because of their sideways locking mechanism that Ken did that all by himself with ease.

"Snap’n Lock system works great!!" - Ken L.                                                 

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creative possibilities we never dreamed of... but you did!

Cedar bench with snap lock seat back

The creativity of Snap'n Lock customers knows no bounds. 

This talented cabinet maker took our balusters system and used his skill and genius to build an outdoor cedar bench and used the side mounted Snap'n Lock™ balusters as the infill for the back of the seat.

The details of this bench show the woodworking skill and detailed joinery techniques.  This definitely required some skill to pull off but the balusters were the easiest part of this project.

What will they think of next?

How about a side panel infill for a kitchen island? We never thought of this. 

But it actually looks really good.  That's because the quality of the powder coat finish and texture of the durable molded poly carbonate connectors look so good you actually would want to show them off inside your home.

And we are waiting to see what the next interesting use for Snap'n Lock™ baluster might be.  In the meantime, start thinking creatively for your project.  We hope you agree that the Snap'n Lock™ system is faster to use and offers solves more problems than any baluster system in its class. 

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Kitchen island with snap lock balusters
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