Your Vinyl Deck Material Options

Vinyl Deck Boards Or Flooring?

There are two pvc vinyl deck material choices to consider.

Do you prefer the traditional look of deck boards with spacing. Or is a smooth totally waterproof surface more your style?

Both of these vinyl materials are very close to maintenance free.

Let's Take A Closer Look At Both

Cellular PVC decking is used to make solid or hollow boards. Each have unique fastening methods.

This waterproof vinyl deck is made of heavy vinyl deck flooring material and heat welded for a guaranteed waterproof job. Courtesy of Duradek vinyl decking.

Deck Boards - Solid or Hollow Extrustions


These kinds of deck boards resemble composite deck boards as they often have deep wood grain embossed on the surface.

They are designed for top down surface fasteners or grooves for side mounted biscuit fasteners. Look for a color match and for a screw head that leaves a clean cut on the surface.

Because this decking functions as a board and is firmly screwed to the joists, squeaking is not a normal complaint.

PVC vinyl never stains or gets mouldy.  These are solid vinyl deck boards by Gossen Decking using top down fasteners.

      Photo courtesy of Gossen Decking

More people tend to note that they always have a more plastic look to them compared with some of the different textured composite deck material.

There are a number of companies that make vinyl extrusions.  One of the larger manufacturers is Royal Building products.  But there are others.

Hollow Extrusions

Some of these are very clean looking and usually come with there own proprietary deck joist clips. The boards can also connect to each other for a complete union among all the boards.

Some Waterproof Some Not

The result is a fastener free surface and high durability and long life. There is usually no attempt to fake it and make these vinyl boards look like wood.

You end up with a very contemporary look and as close to maintenance free as can be. But not all vinyl deck material is the same. If they are all interconnected there are sometimes complaints about squeaking.

And vinyl shrinks in length during cold and hot periods. So be sure to get the correct minimum spacing from end to end.

Waterproof Vinyl Decking Membrane

This vinyl deck material is new to some people.

Many people on the wetter west coast are quite familiar with rolled vinyl flooring for waterproof decks. And it is also becoming more and more common in the eastern parts of the country.

That is because it such a clean, low maintenance solution for many locations. It also handles hot and cold temperatures very well.

Clean, waterproof and low maintenance vinyl deck material from Duradek was used on this deck.

You don't have the traditional board or plank look.

Professional heat welding of seams is essentia - as shown in the video below. So is a minimum 2% slope and drip edges around the perimeter.

Here is a professional welding job - the first of three welds

Vinyl flooring for decks is becoming more and more popular as an excellent alternative to wood. To have this kind of vinyl deck material installed properly and with a reliable warranty you must hire an experienced company like Duradek.

What Will You Choose?

The look of traditional deck boards or a smooth waterproof surface?

Both are long term solutions to most wood decks that require regular up keep. A bit more costly than a simple wood deck . Either vinyl deck material that we discussed will bring you peace of mind for many years to come.

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