Wood Decks From Design To Build

Well designed and well built wood decks can greatly enhance the value and enjoyment of any home.

And a typical wooden deck can be constructed by most do-it-yourselfers with a minimum of experience.

But as easy as deck building can appear to the novice, it's also very easy to spend a lot of money and build a deck that falls short of deck building code requirements or lacks design style.

You end up with a costly under built, unattractive wood deck protruding from the side of your house.

It doesn't have to be this way...

Cedar deck with wrap around stairs

So here are some wood decks I built and a break down of how they were designed and built for each client. You can see how it's done from beginning to end.

Get design ideas. Make your own plans. Or if you would like, pick some plans from the deck plans review. And once you've got some design ideas, learn how to make sure your calculations are on the money.

Hexagon shaped cedar wood deck

Each of the wood decks below were designed, planned and built for demanding clients who really wanted to create something special for their homes.

And I think you will agree that these wood decks added some real value to their property.

Wooden Deck Projects

Check out any of the wood decks below to see how the entire deck design came together and what each client wanted going into the project. You can learn a lot from these projects and then apply them to your own backyard deck.

Project 1 - Multi Level Cedar Deck and Gazebo

Multi level cedar deck and gazebo

As far as wood decks go, this project covered a lot of deck design basics and includes level changes, wrap around stairs, deck planters, benches, beautiful landscaping and a gazebo off of the far end. It's quite special...

Project 2 - Multi Level Double Hexagon Cedar Deck

Hexagon shaped deck

This cedar deck isn't quite as grand as Project 1 but is very usable and attractive. It's also a little more affordable than Project 1 so take a look and get some good ideas. Maybe this deck design or an adaptation of it will be the perfect finishing touch for you backyard.

Project 3 - Low Level Wrap Around Cedar Deck With Bench

Low level wrap around cedar deck

Here is a nice variation of a wood deck that combines two levels wrapping around a bump out of a house for a kitchen in a low level setting. You can get away with a bench instead of a railing on the lower level and it makes the entire deck more useful and appealing.

Project 4 - Two Level Stained Pressure Treated Deck With Living and Hot Tub

Pressured treated stained deck. Multi levels and hot tub

Pressure treated wooden decks can look great and are less expensive than cedar. Check out this deck design because it combines an interesting shape, level changes, wrapped stairs, benches and an extended privacy railing around the tub.

Way nicer than just a boring rectangle sticking out from your house...

Start Thinking Beyond Squares and Rectangles

I hope these wood decks give you some inspirational ideas for great deck designs of your own. Here are some other helpful tools for you:

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