Enjoy The Benefits Of An Aluminum Railing

An aluminum railing system will give you a clean modern look and extreme durability.

I have installed many different aluminum deck railing systems some of which were very advanced and looked very neat and clean.

Others are cheaper systems which had more basic fastening and anchoring systems.

The one thing I can say about all aluminum railing is that it is an exceptional long term solution to rotting and weathering.

Traditional white picket rail and metal frame

It's one of the best investments you can make for your backyard deck.

Round or Flat Balusters as Accessories?
- You Choose

Sounds Great But Where Do You Begin?

First off, you don't have to go full out and get a complete aluminum system.

You could just get components like the balusters or pickets. The rest is standard wood for the posts and frame.

Here are the familiar round balusters. They look nice against a wood post and rail frame.

Cedar posts, rails and aluminum pickets

This costs less but also saves you the hassle of staining intricate pickets annually. Instead they look great pretty much forever.

And it really does look nice.

Flat, Bowed Or Basket Styles Are Available Too     

Flat metal basket styles or pickets

But you can get all kinds of different baluster styles and inserts.

You can totally customize to your taste.

Here you see flat aluminum balusters bowed outwards for a little visual interest.

You get some great contrasts in color, textures and shape these three opposing natural and man made elements.

These are your first simple options when you enter into the category of metal deck rail materials.

Aluminum Post And Frame Styles

Did You Know Posts Can Be Grooved Or Un-Grooved?

Grooved post systems are less common, more expensive but very impressive and act as a very efficient wind break.

One of the finest grooved post systems you will find is made by a company called Dek Rail.

Un-grooved posts are what you will find most often and they also make nice looking systems as you can see from this picture.

Aluminum frame and glass

A Closer View Of Grooved Posts For Glass Panels

A glass rail with moutain view

This is one example of a top of the line grooved post and glass rail system. The glass is fully seated and sealed in each post.

Maybe An Elevated View Is What You Want And Need?

Aluminum excels in situations where full glass panels are needed.

On a mountain top like this every kind of weather can be expected.

Durable powder coated surfaces are the rule and provide the kind of performance you need.

Aluminum frame and glass

Or Perhaps You Prefer Looking Over A Lake

This railing also has glass sections but if you look closely you will see they are set away from the posts slightly.

One of the differences in this modular railing system is that the fasteners are exposed in some cases.

Here the post bases are castings and so fully visible but it still looks very neat and clean.

The system above however is completely internal and you pay more for the design involved to achieve that.

Mixing Wood With Aluminum

Combining Metal And Wood Can Be Beautiful Too

Finally, don't assume you can't get creative.

Here is an example of an exotic hardwood used for a top rail cap over an aluminum post and frame.

The metal is dark in color as is the wood but the textures contrast and the wood warms up the metal a bit. It kind of humanizes the whole structure.

This is a nice design element to keep in mind when your are thinking of railing ideas.

Metal posts and pickets with exotic hardwood cap rail

Ready for An Aluminum Railing Option For Your Deck?

Different Balusters, Posts, Rail Caps and Sectional Inserts

Whether you choose the odd component in aluminum like or you go for a complete aluminum railing system you can come up with the right choice for your deck. It will give you the long lasting low maintenance beauty you are looking for.

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