Build A Balcony - Deck Tile Job

The first thing that had to be done was build a balcony structure against the outside wall of the old Veterans Hospital building. This was no small feat.

Building a balcony and deck structure

Slope the Decks

As you can see a concrete pad with proper minimum slope of 2% (¼" per 12") was made.

Large concrete footings were built to support the structure and would be engineered to meet the soil conditions and imposed loads.

Remember because this deck is attached to the ledger the footings must go below the frost line.

Scaffolding Required

A scaffolding set is required for the balcony deck

Also, there have been a number of developments in the details of ledger attached decks which you would be well advised to read up on further.

The large supporting columns match the size and weight of the brick building itself. Anything less would look totally out of place.

For a waterproof deck of any sort to actually function properly, no matter how well the waterproof surface is installed, there has to be at least a 2% slope.

Water must move off the deck surface naturally.

Wire and Service Under Deck Ahead of Soffit

Installing lighting boxes into framing

This deck has lighting buillt into the deck joists.

Now was the time to get in and do all the installation of the lighting boxes and the electrical runs.

Notice the backing blocking around the tops of the framed in columns.

Don't forget this depending on the type of ceiling your are building.

In addition there is blocking betweewn the the 2x10 joists to prevent twisting.

Pay Attention to Ledger Connection

The most critical safety aspect of this deck is the ledger connection to the building.

Never ever take short cuts or you will be risking lives.

If you have any doubts about building proper connections, contact a local structural engineer.

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