Using Deck Tiles Outdoors

Installing deck tiles outdoors has traditionally been a nightmare for many deck builders and homeowners. Not for Matt McClure of Dekmax in Salt Lake City, Utah Deck.

Matt is a professionally trained installer of Duradek's latest product, Tiledek.

Tiledek makes it easy to install tiling on outdoor decks that are guaranteed to be waterproof and handle some extreme temperatures.

Are you skeptical?

So was I but when I saw these deck tiles outdoors, the job and the reviews I realized this was something many of you would like to know more about.

See the job below and then check out this interview.

The Veteran's Hospital Job- Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt was approached by BuildingCraft Construction, for a unique deck tile project.

It was for the old veterans hospital in the "Avenues" of downtown Salt Lake City - an older very distinguished neighborhood.

The owner was turning one of the main buildings into condo's and adding a couple of decks.

View of mountains near Salt Lake
Veterans building, salt lake

They had to compliment the buildings design yet allow the residents to relax and enjoy the incredible views of both the surrounding mountains and the city below.

Tile is great in the outdoors except when it has to go on a waterproof wood deck. There have been numerous problems and failures as a result of the harsh Utah climate and temperature variations.

Tiledek was developed by Duradek. They developed a roofing membrane with a fabric that creates an excellent bond with thinset.

It is this bond that has proven superior to past products especially during the freeze thaw periods.

Another benefit is that since the material is a true roofing product, tiles can be replaced without compromising your waterproof protection.

Are You Interested in This Kind of Solution?

Now you have a deep understanding of how to use deck tiles outdoors in a totally waterproof environment.

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