Build an Elevated Stone Deck: How To Guide

Why not build an elevated stone deck that will stand and out and be a little bit different than all the other backyard structures on your street?

How many of your neighbors have elevated stone decks?

Probably not many, but that number is sure to increase quickly when they see how attractive a stone deck can be and especially, how easy they are to build.

Of course, you may want the easy part to remain your little secret.

Building an elevated deck with stones is very similar to conventional wood construction, but by adding a few extra steps you can end up with a beautiful deck that’s anything but conventional.

Stone Deck Construction Steps

The first steps of building your elevated deck are much the same as constructing a traditional wood surface deck.

But before starting you must work out your finished elevation.

Most homeowners have an exterior door that will open onto their finished deck and prefer that their decking material fits under the lip of that door’s threshold.

Silca grate on a traditional wood frame

If you’re concerned about water running from the deck surface into your home, you can also drop the top of the deck down a bit and create a small step into your home.

First determine your deck’s finished height.

Then subtract out the thickness of your stone decking material.

Stone thickness can vary so you might want to select the exact decking material you plan to use.

You can then subtract out the 1 ½ inch thickness of your Silca  Grate support squares. Silca Grate is an underlayment decking material that provides a base for your stone surface.

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Mark and dig the footing holes for your deck support posts
  2. Secure and properly flash he deck ledger board to your home
  3. Brace your deck support posts and install rim joists at the proper height
  4. Frame 2x8 joists at 16" o.c. with cross bracing, hangers and crowns facing up
  5. Screw Silca Grates on top of the deck joists ideally in a staggered pattern
  6. Lay out landscape fabric if you plan to use sand between your stones
  7. Install paver stones
  8. Rim joists can be covered with aluminum for easy maintenance
  9. Set up your table and chairs to have dinner on your new elevated stone deck

Silca Grate can also be used to build an elevated deck from scratch or convert existing wood decks into stone surfaces with some minor modifications.

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