The idea of a stone deck - a wood framed structure with stones replacing wood or composite decking - has been around for decades.  But it has only been in the last ten years that innovators have truly perfected the methods and products needed to pull it off. 

One such company that is among the leaders of stone decking design and installation in North America, is Stone Deck Innovations.  We had a chance to catch up with the owner and learn more.

Stone Decking Benefits - creating your dream backyard

Stone Deck Innovations was born with the vision to become the stone deck supplier, and provide a one-stop resource for DIYer’s and contractors to create or transform any wood or composite deck into an incredible, easy-to-care-for stone oasis.

They source quality products that are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, like; Silca Soil Grid, Silca System, Paverdeck, Tiledeck, Bison IP, Kronos Porcelain Pavers, Delconca Tiles and Eternoivica Pedestal.  Plus, they offer a wide range of accessories to support the quality brands. 

Greg has kindly offered to share his expert knowledge to our DecksGo visitors about the stone decking materials and his inspirational story.

About The Author

Greg Borger is the founder and CEO of Stone Deck Innovations based in Ottawa, Canada.  They help home owners and contractors add natural beauty to their landscapes with maintenance-free, stone alternatives to traditional wood or composite decking. 

Whether Greg's team is able to help you directly or if you just want to see the amazing things they can do with stone to transform and unify elevated decking with ground level "hardscaping", you are going to be impressed and have you eyes opened with what is possible.

Let's let Greg tell us more...


a stone deck is elegant and low maintenance 

A wood framed elevated deck with patio paver stones and traditional railing.Paver stones over a wood frame for timeless durability and low maintenance.


As a hardscape contractor more than a few years ago, I was pretty excited to put my skills to work on my own new home that was being built in rural south Ottawa. 

Unforeseen circumstances lead to the septic system being installed right in the spot that all my hardscape was to go.  As a result, my hopes of creating a beautiful maintenance free stone deck ended and I settled for a multi-tier wood deck. 

Preparing the substrate.

Don’t get me wrong - wood is a beautiful and elegant material to work with, allowing you to create spectacular outdoor living spaces.  However as anyone in a northern climate knows, it does not take long for the elements to turn all your hard work into something that is less than desirable to look at. 

Looking for better solutions

After two years I found myself having to refinish the deck, with all the hard work, time and expense that comes along with having to do that. The deck looked good again, but in another two years I was faced with he same reality!

Being in the hardscape industry I knew the benefits and beauty of stone and was determined to find a way to build an interlock stone deck over my septic system.  

Preparing the site for the frame.

talk to greg's team at stonedeck to source materials for your project...


the search for solutions began in earnest

silca grid system looked promising

After a bit of research I found a company called Silca System (now Stonedeks) that produced an innovative product call the Silca System Grates. The Silca System Grate is a unique product made from recycled polymers that allows you to utilize the existing wood framing of a standard wood deck build and transform it into a stone deck.

Finished multi level stone decks built using Paverdeck.

I reached out to Stonedeks directly, bought the grates and began the transformation of my deck.  I was surprised how easy and effective it was working with the Silca Grates. 

Before I knew it, I had the stone deck I had always wanted.  After glowing reviews from friends and family, a light bulb went off: This could be a new business!

and was born

Stone Deck Innovations was born with the vision to become the stone deck supplier, and provide a one-stop resource for DIYer’s and contractors to create or transform any wood or composite deck into an incredible, easy-to-care-for stone oasis.

Wood picture framed deck with stone infield over Silca grid.

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to win a few awards, mainly due to our amazing team, but also because we source the best products available.

With a little help from our resource center, contractors and do-it-yourselfers are designing some inspiring stone decks and patios.

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building a stone deck used to be very hard work

the old way of constructing an elevated stone deck was way beyond a diy'er

Traditional stone interlock installation can be hard work and is very much dependent on a well built and supportive base.  To achieve this requires equipment for excavation, moving materials out and granular stone in, with proper compaction. 

When dealing with an elevated stone deck, you now have to construct stone walls to support the granular materials within and ensure the compaction is enough to create a sound base without over compacting displacing the walls just installed.

the new way is far easier

Silca grid over wood framed deck.

Today's products allow you to build a traditional framed structure saving you thousands of dollars.

silca system, paverdeck & tiledeck

Whether your stone deck is 2 ft or 10 ft off the ground, the structure is supported by footings - either concrete or mechanical helical piles. 

Tropical hardwood fascia and picture framing over stone infill deck.

The base structure is built using wood or metal framing and the framing is covered with Silca System or TileDeck.  In the case of Paverdeck the framing structure and covering material is the Paverdeck material itself. 

This process allows for a sturdy, flat surface ready to receive any stone on the market from manufactured stone to slate stone and in some case poured and stamped concrete.


transform your backyard from this...

Old wood porch deck removal before new wood framed stone deck is built.

Unlike traditional interlock stone installation, our process and systems allow for the combination of multiple materials if desired.  The design possibilities are endless and allow a designer, contractor or homeowner to incorporate wood, composites, or veneer stones to create a maintenance free stone deck of their dreams.

to elegant, durable and timeless stone

Multi level framed deck with paver stone surface and fascia board.

Our various stone deck systems allow easy attachment of railing products, running utilities from electrical and gas under the deck easily, encasing hot tubs or creating practical storage under the deck.  Best of all our stone deck systems come with a 20-30 year warranty and if installed properly will not shift or heave over time with the change of seasons.

or take an old wood deck to something SPECTACULAR

Silca grid below stone pavers and framed by composite decking.

If you are hardscape dealer or contractor the challenge is to set yourself apart from your competition.

Stone Deck Innovations products allows you to tap into a lucrative market, where in the past, those customers would have turned to the big box stores or lumber yards.  In today's do-it-yourself era, our stone deck products allow the homeowner to easily create the stone deck of their dreams that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to the Deck Revolution!


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