Three Hot Tub Decks For Design Ideas

Decks with hot tubs take your backyard space to the next level of enjoyment.

Wooden deck built around tub

Here are three examples of different decks that are sure to stir your imagination.

Possibilities exist and while your home is certainly unique, you can draw some ideas.

So if you are thinking about a spa and building a deck then consider bringing the two together.

Spas are one of the best investments for you home that you can make. You get the benefits of a spa without the size, maintenance and expense of a full size pool.

Maximize the use and enjoyment of your deck.

Even if you are a novice, it's pretty easy to do.

I'll show you how I've done it for many clients and take you through the entire design and build process from actual projects.


Check out the building projects below and you will see how deck design principles are applied to create the most attractive and useful outdoor living space possible.

Then apply these design ideas when you build your own hot tub deck.

Single Low Level Deck and Hot Tub

Low level deck with a hot tub in the back

Here's a great deck that created an entire entertaining area around what was initially a hot tub sitting all by itself in a useless area.

The homeowners didn't know how to tie it all together with the house.

I tried to help them. They loved it and so did all their friends.


Multi Level Pressure Treated Deck With Separate Living and Hot Tub Areas

Multi level deck with hot tub and spa

This deck has level changes which visually and physically separate the private hot tub zone and the entertaining area.

The homeowners wanted to feel like they had two distinct areas with privacy around the tub.

Maximizing sunshine with a northern exposure backyard posed a challenge but we solved it.

They got what they want and More...

Multi Level Decks Around Corner On A Slope

Bench built in as railing on deck

Who says you can't build a hot tub deck in a tight space and on a slope?

The homeowners here had a unique challenge because their lot sloped significantly and wasn't very deep.

They wanted something special and intimate for entertaining and soaking.

Check it out and see if you think we got it right.


What Can You Do To Make Your Backyard Special?

Hopefully after checking out each of these unique hot tub decks your mind is turning.

If you have some unique design challenges you are facing contact us and we will try to help you out.

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