Waterproofing Deck Expert - Bill Leys

A True Waterproofing Expert

Bill Leys has graciously accepted my offer to be a guest contributor for DecksGo.com.

As you know I write a lot of content on this site and it comes from my personal experience and the fact that I am a true building products and construction enthusiast. Although you can rely on honest and accurate commentary from me, it's impossible to answer every single question you may have.

So I decided to seek out experts in some of the niche areas of the building industry so you can get those very technical questions answered properly.

Bill Leys is the owner of Central Coast Waterproofing and has knowledge about all the different types of waterproofing options for decks, balconies, porches, concrete floors, rooftops and more.

About The Author

Whether you are building a 50 story commercial building, a parking lot, a condominium with rooftop decks or a basic backyard deck for an average homeowner, Bill is certain to be able to answer your question or point you in the right direction.

And that is a great thing - having an expert on board, because deck waterproofing is a very specialized area of building.

Waterproofing properly is critical

Improper product selection, poor installation and bad design can result in financial disaster for your deck project or building. So check in often to see what Bill has to say on a whole host of great deck waterproofing issues.

Here are some of Bill's articles:

You can also check out Bill's site www.CentralCoastWaterproofing.com when you are finished reading everything.

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