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The Deck Building forum, or community as we like to call it, started first as a trickle of emails directly to us and we responded to every single one trying to help out. After all we do have over 25 years experience swinging a hammer and building for folks.

But it soon became overwhelming.  We were repeating answers to hundreds of common deck building questions. And so began the concept of creating a forum on how to build decks and all things related.

Building Discussion Categories

Design And Construction

Our most popular forum where you will find a wide array of questions and answers concerning building techniques, tips and unique ideas and solutions people have used to build decks that perfectly suit their environment.

Framing and Decking

This group covers more specific topics that get right into the technical issues, carpentry questions and more.


This is a topic that seems to generate a lot of interest. Stairs are one of the most challenging structures to build and do require some math and accuracy in order to both function well and look good


Another important part of any deck are the railings. They have to perform to certain minimum standards and also can add tremendous beauty and style.

Ground Level Decks

We created this forum because there is clearly a great interest in building decks with are much lower to the ground. They have to be built a bit differently and there are a lot of questions, tips and solutions offered here.

Maintenance and Repair

Everyone wants to ensure that their investment in their backyard is protected and is going to last as long as possible. Lots of helpful discussion on this topic.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Water and backyard decks go well together so we started this to help people find a place to meet and share ideas and comments on hot tubs, pools and water features in and around a deck.

Composite Decking

Composite and synthetic materials continue to advance and the number of product choices grows annually. As a result there are a lot of consumers wondering what is what. Here is a good place to ask your question.

Titan Post Anchor

If you have used or are thinking about using the Titan Post Anchor for one of your projects you will find lots of information and all kinds of applications discussed here.

Titan Deck Foot

Wondering if the Titan Deck Foot is the right footing or foundation system for your deck? Here is the place to ask and find out.

Share Your Building Project Story

Congratulations!  You're finally done.  What a great feeling and you choose to share your story with us, with pictures, we will send you a beautiful gift you will love!

Deck Building Forum

Any questions you have about building decks that might not fit into any of the above categories can be asked here. If we feel that your question is best suited for one of the other categories, it will be moved.

Other Visitor's Questions

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6 Tips to Minimize Deck Board Cupping and Make Your Deck Last Longer 
I’ve recently had a large deck built by a professional decking company. Only a few weeks ago we began to notice the boards are cupping and twisting. It …

Deck built on top of coping of above ground pool 
We hired a deck builder who came highly recommended. We need to build a deck one 21 inches down from our existing deck to get into our above ground pool. …

Rising deck every year from frost 
I have a deck which was built about 20 years ago. The problem it is rising in the corner every year more and more. At first I thought it was the cold …

Hot sun and composite decking 
How does the sun and composite decking do? Does the composite decking get too hot in the sun? Does it get too hot to walk on with bare feet?

Floating or Ledger Attached Porch Deck? 
I want to make landing at our front entrance which is four feet above grade. The size will be 8' along the house and coming out 10'. Do I need to attach …

Building cabin on 6 x 6 Posts. Load? 
I am building a cabin on top of 6 x 6 high above the ground. My calculations for dead & live weight load are questionable. Will my 6 x 6 every 6 feet …

Installing a ramp in a porch 
I have a porch across the font of my small house facing the street. My front yard is small and right on the street. My property line on one side is only …

Creating space under second story deck. 
Our home has a walk out basement. We have a deck on the upper level. Do you have a suggestion on how to create a waterproof type ceiling on the underside …

Why is my deck falling apart after cleaning? 
Last year I paid my neighbor to clean and paint my backyard deck. Ever since he did it i see holes popping up and cracks appearing. Might he have done …

Attaching Railing Posts to Rim Joist 
I have a very well built 16x14 deck, or deck surface that is, and I am looking through my options for attaching my railing posts to the rim joist which …

Can we extend our deck past the house? 
We plan to build a deck on our house. The back of our house is straight all the way across. Extending out of the middle of the back of our house is an …

Stain Color of Deck in Picture Gallery? 
What is the stain color of the deck picture shown in the picture gallery at this URL. There are a couple of pictures with this rich type of stain …

Roof top deck Question 
I am building a roof top deck 2x4 on flat with 5/4 cedar decking onto a torch on roof. What material can i use to put between the roof and the 2x4?

2 x 4 for floating deck using Deck Block Possible? 
I am building a small (about 5 ft by 11 ft) rectangular floating deck to butt up to an already existing concrete block using these Deck Blocks. http://deckplans.com/how-i …

Wood Post and Footing Foundation Question 
I took apart an old deck. The deck posts were placed onto concrete with a J bolt sticking out (rusted) and into the posts. When i took the deck apart …

Mahogany Boards on Deck are Curving 
I have a mahogany deck with southern exposure that was not weatherproofed for the first few years. The boards are starting to curve. Short of replacing …

Ipe vs. Composite Decking 
I read over and over again that composite or synthetic decks are more expensive than pressure-treated pine decks. But what about the cost and maintenance …

Roof deck and Outdoor fire place 
Our new house is located in a major city. We have a roof deck with a gas hookup (I assume for a grill). My question is can we safely put an outdoor fireplace …

Building a deck on a sloped roof 
I want to build a deck on a sloped roof. My plan is to open up the roof and sit a couple of 4x4 posts on top of the outside wall. How do I flash between …

framing and decking 
I am installing Doug fir for my decking and have been told to hold each board tight with no gap. Then when the lumber dries out there will be about a 1/4" …

Need help finding replacement LEDs 
I purchased post cap lighting from Home Depot. The brand of the lighting, and also the aluminum balusters I used in the deck railing, is "Stiles". …

What color to choose??? 
We just built a cedar wrap around deck. Our house is a light gray with a hint of blue in it. Most times it looks mostly light gray and other times of day …

Deck Support Beam Size for Second Floor Deck 
I want to build an 8'x16' deck off my second floor but I don't want to have 3 columns. The middle one would ruin my view. What could i use?

Deck Rails and baluster spacing 
I have built a deck around our above ground pool but am not sure how far apart the rails need to be so a child cannot get his/her head stuck. Can you help …

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Novice Deck Builder and Joist Span Question 
Can I use 2 x 6 joists for a deck with 7 ft. spans between beams?

Beam hanger for Concrete Deck Footing 
I cannot seem to find a deck "beam hanger" or structural connector that has "feet" that can be placed into the wet cement of a footer. I can find that …

Building a Free Standing Deck Footing Question 
The problem I have is that my proposed deck spans from my basement french doors that has a 4 step walk up. I would like to build a free standing deck. …

Pressure Treated Deck Boards - what side up 
Going to put down the deck boards. Wondering what side should be up? The bark side or the other side?

Installing a ledger board without a rim joist on 2nd story 
I have older home that was built using 2x4's and noticed there is no rim joist between the 1st and 2nd floors. what additional considerations are there …

Spacing of the last two deck boards Not rated yet
Just finishing last 2 boards, and I have a spacing problem. I have not fastened down the last 5 boards so I could do some adjustments. As you see in …

Is a deck considered part of the building? Not rated yet
In order to determine if I build a pergola on my deck, I need to determine if the deck is part of the building or if it is to be considered separate from …

Ledger lateral load system questions Not rated yet
I am building a deck and my township requires the use for a lateral load system. I guess you need to tie your deck through your foundation into your floor …

Extending deck beyond existing beam Not rated yet
I have a deck that is 49' by 10' and want to extend to 16'. Another 6' further out from the house. Do I have to move the support posts and beam the …

Deck Support Posts Rotting at Base Not rated yet
I own a seven year old townhome with a 2nd floor deck with log posts and railings that need replacing due to rot. The log materials are untreated …

Successfully UN-planned DIY Project Not rated yet
UN-Planned? So, how does that work? Like this: After years of doing 99% of all remodeling, etc, between my lovely wife and I, we found ourselves …

Our "Visit to the clouds" 5 terraced deck Not rated yet
A little more than two years ago my wife and I bought our new home which was large enough for our large family of 8, yet boasted a back yard of solid bedrock …

Building in wet area Not rated yet
I have a customer requesting a walkway from his house to the lake he lives on. It is a very low and wet area and I am concerned about longevity of the …

Patio cover 20x20 Wood Help Not rated yet
How do I build a patio cover 20x20 wood, footings, framing, roof? Any tips much appreciated.

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