The Beauty of Low Voltage Deck Lighting

So many benefits to a low voltage deck lighting system.

Low voltage system around perimeter of deck

There are some very practical reasons why low voltage systems have become so popular for outdoor light systems.

Smaller lights with lower candle power have lower electrical requirements but the benefit is a more ambient atmosphere rather than a more powerful system.

After all, the purpose is not to provide complete illumination but to provide just enough for safety, ease of movement and beauty.


What's Needed

Just a transformer and a nearby power source.

Low voltage system around perimeter of deck

A low voltage system requires a transformer that reduces the 110 volts from the power source and makes it much safer for outdoor applications.

All the post lamps, stair lights and path lighting are run off the electrical outlet and are simple for any homeowner to install in less than an hour.

The other nice benefit is that with low volts you have less risk associated with electrical shock. The wires can be safely laid on the ground or covered with a little soil as shown here.

The lighting choices available today are fantastic.

Where Should You Start Your Search?

Before you head off and start spending a ton of cash you must check out eBay!

On eBay you will find new and used deck lights and at super prices.

Here is a sample of the lighting packages currently being offered on eBay right now.

If not then definitely see what Aurora Deck Lighting has to offer. They are a first class online manufacturer and one of the leaders in the industry.

They also offer hard wired 110V systems if your requirements call for that.

Having Shed Some Light On This Subject...

It's time to start looking at your deck in a whole new light.

The evening is the time for your deck alter ego to be free. A low voltage deck lighting system could be the perfect form of self expression.

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