BoWrench Board Straightener

BoWrench Board Straightener by Cepco Tool

This tool is one of the first to appear and is tried tested and true.

It uses a lever arm with a push bar connected to joist gripper.

So long as you can pull the arm perpendicular to the board, it locks in place allowing you time to freely fasten the board in place.

It can push and pull so you can straighten boards close to a wall.

It has lots of extra accessories to allow you to work with T&G plywood sheathing, various sized joist grippers for laminated joists. Also has an adapter so you can use it with the under mount deck board tracking fastener systems.

It's a nice simple design and if all you need is the basic tool, its quite affordable and well made.

The potential downside I found was when you add up all the accessories it gets really expensive easily 2 to 3 times the cost of the basic tool and you will need some room in your tool box for everything.

For example, different sized joist grippers cost $31 to $48. The T&G block protectors are $20 each. The joist gripper for hidden fastener tracks is $30. So when you add it all up you go from $65 up to $133.

Overall I think this is a great tool if you know you are only ever going to need to do one specific task repeatedly. Its well made and well priced.

MSRP - $60-$65

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